"Improving the docking experience for thousands of boaters worldwide since 2012!"

The Dockmate Story

Docking made easier one boat at a time!

Our parent company has been a well-established and very successful marine electronics dealer & installer while serving the Florida region for over 20 years.

Our dedicated and highly-trained staff has installed millions of dollars' worth of the most sophisticated electronics equipment, including brands such as KVH, Garmin, and GOST,  aboard thousands of boats of all sizes throughout the area.

We became well-familiar with wireless remote control technology during our time as a dealer & installer for another local wireless remote company.  However, because of our firm commitment to providing only the very best products and service to our customers, we sought out a higher-quality and more advanced wireless remote control system, and hopefully from a company who could also offer better product support as well.

After thorough research, we learned that wireless remote control technology for pleasure craft boats was developed long ago in Europe by well-known companies such as Side-Power (Norway) and Vetus (Holland).

We then discovered a company in Belgium called Dockmate®, offering the “next generation” of remote control products with state of the art "fail safe" technology, FCC certification, and breakthrough advancements that not only increase reliability, but also increase the operating range of the product without the installation of additional hardware.  Dockmate® has been sold extensively throughout the European and Australian boating markets for several years.

We established a relationship with Dockmate® in 2018, and since then every Dockmate®  installation has resulted in a very satisfied customer who has been absolutely delighted with the product for its ease of use, functionality and real "joystick" features.

In turn, we are delighted as well to have the opportunity to provide you, a fellow boater and valued customer, with a Dockmate® remote control system for your boat, which will make docking easy and stress free!