"Improving the docking experience for thousands of boaters worldwide since 2012!"

Important Benefits 

A Dockmate® wireless remote control system will allow you to leave the helm and still be in complete control of your boat’s engines and thrusters.

You will be able to walk around your deck and get a much closer look at the boat’s surroundings, which in turn will make docking much easier and stress free!


An example of the best possible view of the dock from the main helm station:


And here’s your view of the dock when using your Dockmate® remote control transmitter!


And so not only will the Dockmate® make docking easier and stress free…..it will also give you the ability of docking your boat single-handedly if ever necessary!


Capt. Sal Linzalone with Dockmate® TWIST transmitter aboard 86-ft Sunseeker Take It Easy IV