"Improving the docking experience for thousands of boaters worldwide since 2012!"

Exclusive Features

The features listed below are not available with ANY OTHER wireless remote control boating product in the USA
or world:

• Advanced Two-Way, 5 Channel Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) system between the
Transmitter & Receiver with a range of 150-ft.

Dockmate® Advantage: Reliable, secure and uninterrupted transmissions throughout the entire boat.
FHSS is a wireless technology that spreads its signal over rapidly hopping radio frequencies. It is highly resistant
to interference and is difficult to intercept.


Dockmate® two-way FM signal “hops” 5 times

per second between the transmitter and receiver over

5 channels on 433 Mhz band, insuring flawless transmissions.

An excerpt:

A spread-spectrum (Dockmate®) transmission offers three main advantages over a fixed-frequency (Ex: Competitor)

  1. Spread-spectrum signals are highly resistant to narrowband interference. The process of re-collecting a spread signal
    spreads out the interfering signal, causing it to recede into the background.
  2. Spread-spectrum signals are difficult to intercept. A spread-spectrum signal may simply appear as an increase in the
    background noise to a narrowband receiver. An eavesdropper may have difficulty intercepting a transmission in real
    time if the pseudorandom sequence is not known.
  3. Spread-spectrum transmissions can share a frequency band with many types of conventional transmissions with
    minimal interference. The spread-spectrum signals add minimal noise to the narrow-frequency communications, and
    vice versa. As a result, bandwidth can be used more efficiently.

>Click Here for a very short video demonstration of this advanced technology. 

Dockmate®’s two-way system is vastly superior to only a one-way, dual band, ‘fixed-frequency’
communication system.


One-way only / Fixed-Frequency AM signal
(Competitor uses this one-way signal on 433 & 916 Mhz bands)

• Extended Range Capability

The Dockmate radio transmission system can be extended from 150-ft to 500-ft with the simple and
inexpensive addition of a $60 / 6-ft antenna extension cable.


Dockmate® Advantage: This exclusive Dockmate® feature offers a dramatic cost saving vs. a competitor’s
product which requires a $5,000 radio frequency extension system aboard boats that are longer than 83-feet.

• Dockmate® Audio and Visual alarm is built into the Transmitter

Dockmate® Advantage: In the unlikely event that transmission is ever lost between the Transmitter and
Receiver, an alarm will sound in the Transmitter which will be in your hand (or around your neck if you are
using the lanyard) and the alarm will be immediately known.

Two Alarm System


The Dockmate® transmission alarm system is obviously preferable to one which has the alarm built only into
the Receiver that is typically mounted behind the helm, and where the alarm might not be heard.

Competitor's Alarm System
(only in the Receiver, where it might not be heard mounted behind the helm)


Customizable ”Next Gen” remote control system software – ONLY AVAILABLE WITH DOCKMATE®!

Dockmate® fully-customizable remote control receiver. 


Dockmate® Advantage: While the Dockmate® is designed, right out of the box, to have the same response time
and feel of your existing controls, a certified Dockmate® dealer & installer can modify the controls to your
specific needs during the installation.

An example would be to adjust the Dockmate® throttle control if you are commonly docking in a marina with a
heavy current, and you need more power to insure safer maneuvering.

Below is an image from the Next Gen manual, Thruster section:

Thruster Settings

This tab allows you to select the type of the installed module - the Relay type (standard) or CAN bus (like S-LINK)


Fort the relay type, you can select the time gap when switching from the lieft the right or vice versa. You can also reverse the direction.

For the CAN type module, you can see the version of the built -in software, the reverse direction(if needed) and adjust the minimum and maximum allowed throttle for the joystick. Like on the picture above, a small movement of the joystick will cause the thruster to start at 70% and then, by moving the joystick, the power output will increase to 100%.

The Twist joystick transmitter can also be customized as per your specifications:



Sample of Competitors non-customizable remote control receiver. 


• Wireless charging system for Twist transmitter


Dockmate® Advantage: No need for batteries, as the Twist transmitter can be charged without wires on a
USB-powered charging stand.

Local USA-based parts, service & delivery


Dockmate® Advantage: If ever necessary, parts can be immediately replaced from our location in Fort
Lauderdale, Florida. Additionally, Dockmate® systems can be easily moved from boat to boat with only minor
parts and software changes or upgrades.

Dockmate Receiver - Opened  


Inside Dockmate® Receiver &
Locations for Various Interchangeable Modules

Neither of these options is possible with other competitive systems whose parts are overseas (ex: Italy) and
their system controls are non-changeable.


3 year Factory Warranty & 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Dockmate® Advantage: This hassle-free warranty is the longest offered by a wireless remote control
manufacturer in the boating industry. As mentioned above, parts and service are available locally.
Additionally, we will not force a Dockmate® owner to give us a deposit before we consider their warranty claim
(ex: Competitor).